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Food and drink

Crossposting from my Tumblr:

Fermenting sweet/glutinous rice following a recipe for 찹쌀 동동주 (sweet rice dongdongju).

Last year, I bought S. a Korean book on brewing traditional types of 술 (liquor). 찹쌀 동동주 is the simplest recipe in the book.

S. sterilized the 항아리 (earthenware pot), parboiled 찹쌀, and boiled the water, but then he had to start packing so I finished up by mixing the rice with 누륵 (yeast powder).

After only one day, I can already smell the alcohol fumes as soon as I open the pot… I’m also worried that there’s too much rice.

While I'm sharing photos of fermentation experiments, here are the dill cucumber pickles we made yesterday at a pickling workshop.
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The 찹쌀 동동주 looks interesting. What comes after the fermenting?